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La Barra focuses on recreating the music of the Osvaldo Pugliese orchestra. A full orquesta típica with twelve accomplished musicians, devoted to discovering the secrets of Pugliese's recordings. And dedicated to enjoying the fun of performing that magic live on stage. The sound of four bandoneons, four violins, viola, cello, double bass and piano is simply amazing.

The group convincingly and authentically captures the lush sound of Pugliese's orchestra. Extremely expressive, with aggressive rhythms and affectionate melodies. Listening to La Barra is an overwhelming experience. Intense, too: a tango by Pugliese is like an opera by Wagner, but in three minutes. Tangos like Gallo ciego, Nochero soy, Zum, and Malandraca have been reproduced by many groups, but no group knows how to grasp the essence of Pugliese like La Barra.

Ready-made sheet music for Pugliese's orchestra does not exist, and many aspects of the style (like a yumba or a pelotita) are impossible to write down in notes anyway. La Barra uses detailed transcriptions made by bandoneon player Gerard van Duinen. During rehearsals the musicians discuss (sometimes tiny but highly essential) details in the original recordings to get even closer to the grooves and craziness of the music.


Osvaldo Pugliese (1905-1995) was a pianist, composer and orchestra leader from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is widely respected for his enormous influence on the development of tango music. At the age of 19 he wrote the famous composition Recuerdo and after playing in several ensembles he started his own orquesta tipica (tango orchestra) in 1939.

His ensemble kept evolving and performing until his death. Unlike some other orchestra leaders, he was not an authoritarian leader but an amiable man who, inspired by communism, allowed the qualities of others to surface and shared in the recognition with them. Legendary tango musicians remained faithfully connected to his orchestra for years and were thus able to contribute to the development of a completely unique signature within the genre.


La Barra is available for tangofestivals and large venues. Contact us for possibilities.

The orchestra rehearses in tangoclubs in The Netherlands, sometimes including a concert.
Our next concert is in Cuartito Azul, Rotterdam on February 26th, 2023


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